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Tel: 6254-3326, 9668-6469,   12 August, 2014
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
9 am - 7 pm.  Monday to Friday.   9 am to 5 pm.  Sat, Sun  &  Public Holidays.
Appointments preferred as we may be doing surgery. Tel:  6254-3326, 9668-6469
7456 Video: A very difficult corgi caesarean section 1/2 Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS  Mon - Sun & Public Holidays by Appointment. Mainly morning consultations. 9 am - 12 pm usually daily & at other times including Sun & Public Holidays *Draft Case Studies:  2010vets *Community Education:  Be Kind To Pets
7457 Video: A very difficult corgi caesarean section 2/2 Dr Daniel Sing Zongzheng, BSc, BVMS (Murdoch) Mon - Sun & Public Holidays, except Tuesday.
12 pm - 7 pm Mon - Fri
12 pm - 5 pm Sat & Sun & Public Holidays 
*Dr Sing's Travel Stories *Veterinary videos to educate vet students
& pet owners
  All enquiries, house-calls & appointments:  tel: 6254-3326, 9668-6469. 9668-6468.  Appointments are preferred as we may be doing surgeries. After-office hours, tel 6253-1122.  Dr Sing Kong Yuen will be overseas from Aug 13 - Aug 19, 2014  *Pictures to inspire the young adults
Case Studies
7614 - 7615 Video: A hamster has a gangrenous leg - amputation 1/2 Video: A hamster survives the surgery 2/2 7516 - 7517 Video: A 16-year-old Maltese goes home Video: A 16-year-old Maltese recover from skin disease 3/3 7518 - 7521 Video: A Chinchilla drools 1/4 Video: A Chinchilla drool 2/4 Video: A Chinchilla drools 3/4 Video: A Chinchilla drools 4/4
7522 Video: A terrapin
7523 - 7524 Video: A terrapin has swollen limbs 1/2 Video: A terrapin has swollen limbs 2/2 7526 Video: A Schnauzer had a "corrupted" bladder? 7527 Video: A red-eared slider has swollen eyes 7528 Video: A dog's nose melanoma is excised using electricity 7529 - 7530 Video: Crusty ear edges 1/2 Video: Crusty ear edges 2/2
7531 - 7534 Video: A Jack Russell's bull-eye:  closed pyometra 1/4 Video: A Jack Russell has closed
pyometra 2/4
Video: A Jack Russell has closed pyometra 3/4 Video: A Jack Russell has closed pyometra 4/4 7538 Video: A 15-year-old has carnaissal tooth abscess 7539  Video: An 8-month old dog has parvoviral diarrhoea 1/2 7540 Video: An 8-month-old has parvovirus -Myanmar version 7541 Video: |An 8-month-old dog has parvovirus -X-ray 2/2
7542 - 7545 Video: Physical exam of joints of a poodle 1/4 Video: A poodle has subluxated hip joint and luxated patella 2/4 Video: A poodle is X-rayed 3/4
Video: Interpretation of the X-ray with a fellow vet 4/4 7546 Video: Myanmar Vet Association Seminar No. 3 venue
7547 Video: A 13-year-old terrapin has swollen paws and eyes 7548 Video: A 12-year-old terrapin has swollen right eyelids 7549 Video: A hamster has a nose scab
7550 - 7558 What You need to Know about Canine Parovirus 7559 - 7560 Blog: An old Pom pants an whines for 3 days of solely  Tramadol pain-killer.
7561 - 7562 Guinea pig
7563 - 7565 Blog: Bone cancer in a Jack Russell
7566 - 7568 Blog: An old Husky has a painful smelly ear for many weeks 7569 Tear duct tumour 7570 Rectal prolapse
7576 - 7578 Blog; A dog has blood in the stools Video: A dog had blood in the stools
7571 - 7575 Cat - stump pyometra Cat - flank spay post-op complications Cat - pyometra due to Birth Control inj Cat & Dog - Birth control Cat & Dog - Birth Control 7579. Video: Skin disease need monthly reviews 7580 - 7581, Video; An old cat pees outside the litter box 1/2 Video: Pees inside the litter box 2/2
7582 - 7597. Video: Breast tumours & false pregnancy /1/5 Video: Breast tumours & false pregnancy2/5 - diagnosis Video: Breast tumours & false pregnancy 3/5 Myanmar video Video: Client education and schedule for surgery 4/5 Video: Client education illustration 5/5 Video: A 17-year-old cat had dysuria 1/2 Video: Constipation of 3 days  2/2
Blog: A Siberian Husky has a hardened smelly ear tumour Video: 2 hours post op 1/5 Video: 20 hours after ear tumour post-op 2/5 Video: A Husky has ear tumour surgery 3/5 Video: Histology of ear tumour 4/5 Video: Vertical ear canal ablation - client illustration 5/5 Video: A X-bred goes for a morning walk A 14-year-old poodle has testicular cancer
Blog: An office rabbit stops eating Video: X-ray of a rabbit 1/5 Video: X-ray of a rabbit 2/5 Video: X-ray of a rabbit 3/5 Video: X-ray of a rabbit 4/5 Video: X-ray of a rabbit 5/5    
7598 - 7610. Video: 5-year-old terrapin not eating for 2 weeks - 1/2 Video: 5-year-old terrapin not eating for 2 weeks - 2/2 Video: A 9-year-old cat has swollen kidneys and anaemia Video: A poodle 3 weeks after neuter 1/3 Video: Stitch abscess 2/3 Video: Stitch abscess 3/3
Video: Sutures for neuter dissolve over 4 weeks  
Video: Traumatic Proptosis 1/6 Video:  Original. The eyeball popped out - tarsorrhaphy 2/6 Video: Traumatic Proptosis 20 hrs post op 3/6 Video: Traumatic Proptosis 4/6 Video: Surgery. Steps in replacing the proposed eyeball 5/6 Video: Traumatic Proptosis -tarsorrhaphy. Myanmar language 6/6    
7611 - 7628. Video: A Shih Tzu has eye pain after grooming Video: A cat has dysuria for 2 weeks 1/2 Video: What you need to know about parvovirus Video: A Roborovski has rectal prolapse Video: How to spay a cat & prevent stump pyometra Blog. Dr Sing's first blog in 2007. Cat armpit aabscess .  
Video: A cat has a painful itchy right ear 1/5 Video: A cat's ear is irrigated and flushed 2/5 Video: Ear irrigation - Myanmar language 3/5 Video: Post-op ear syringing. Client education 4/5 Video: Post-ear syringing in Myanmar language 5/5 Video: A cat has rapid abdominal movements 1/2 Video: A cat has rapid abdominal movements 2/2 Video: Abdominal movements 3/3
Video: Traumatic Proptosis - tarsorrhaphy. Myanmar language Video; Mammary gland tumour surgery.  Myanmar language Video: Cat spay & prevent stump pyometra - Myanmar language Video: Dog neuter - pre-scrotal open method.  Myanmar language        
Yangon Cases
7629 - 7648. Video: A visit to Royal Asia Vet on Jul 3, 2014 Video: Visit to Royal Asia Vet Surgery Video: A Yangon cat cannot pee for the 3rd time 1/3 Video: After irrigation of the bladder 2/3 Video: An I/V drip is given 3/3 Video: Shih Tzu puppies at the RAVS Video: A Yangon cat with fever is given I/V drip Video: Flank Caesaean section in a Yangon cat
Video: Heart disease in a Yangon dog Video: Entropion in a young Yangon Rottweiler? Video: A Yangon cat has eye ulcer surgery Video: Faecal parvoviral antigen test in a puppy Video: 3rd eyelid flap & tarsorrhapy in a dog 1/3 Video: 3rd eyelid flap 2/3 Video: 3rd eyelid flap 3/3
Video: A street dog in Yangon is hit by a vehicle 1/2 Video: A street dog in Yangon was hit by a vehicle 2/2 Video: Nasal fold irriation in the Shih Tzu Video: A Yangon cat is given an I/V drip       Blog: A Yangon dog has complete urethral obstruction
Singapore scenes
7649 - 7963. Video: Changi Airport, Singapore Video: Indecent exposure at the overhead bridge Video: Intense budget airline competition Video: Toa Payoh town Video: Pet shop sells guinea pigs Video: Pet shop sells dwarf hamsters Video: Changi Airport Video: Pet shop sells rabbits
Video: Pet shop sells dwarf hamsters Video: Marina Bay Sands on Jul 27, 2014 Video: Marina Bay Sands
Video: Marina Bay Sands Video: Marina Bay Sands sunset Video: Marina Bay Sands sunset Video: Vivo City performers & a little girl
Myanmar travel
7964 - 7984. Video: "Illegal" U-turns in Yangon Video: The hibiscus leaves are popular for Myanmar cooking Video: River boats on an overflowing river Video: A new "ship hotel" in Yangon Video: A new hotel called Vintage Luxury Yatch Hotel Video: Yangon evening traffic in Jul 5, 2014. Video: Dinner with some Myanmar vets
Video: Scene outside the Royal Golden View Hotel
Video: Trishaw parking area and a food stall Video: An upmarket downtown bakery Video: Downtown Yangon traffic jam Video: A traffic cop stops some buses Video: A Golden Duck Restaurant Video: Monks cross river in Myanmar 1/2
Video: Monks cross river in Myanmar 2/2
Video: Trishaw rider in Yangon takes risk
Video: Renovation workers in Yangon Video: Vendors in an annual pagoda festival in Feb 2014.
White Lioness, Naypyitaw Zoo White Tiger, Naypytiaw Zoo Myanmar - longyi     *Draft Case Studies:  2010vets Advert. Unique Singapore homes Advert. Myanmar tours

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